Mary Alyce Sweeney Foundation -
A look back at 2017

The Mary Alyce Sweeney Foundation accomplished a lot during the year.

March 10th & 11th: saw the beginning of our "Making Dreams Come True" where we provided prom dresses and accessories, and help with tuxedos to graduating seniors and juniors attending prom. We provided services during our initial giveaway, as well as provided dress by appointments.In total we gave away 103 dresses and accessories and help with 15 Tuxedos 

May 13th: we provided Mother's Day Care Packages to a Shelter for women and children

August 17th - September 3rd:we as a country saw the biggest hurricane to hit the US - Hurricane Harvey, as families experience total devastation. 

September 10th: We had our annual Fundraiser where again Phyllis Battle donated her time and talents to help our Foundation raise money - our goal was to supply Hurricane victims with much needed blankets as they entered the shelters. Our brother and nephew made the trip to Houston, Texas to deliver the blankets.

November 21st: We took to the streets and sought out those individuals who really needed our help, those individuals living on the streets and under the bridges - we provided 20 care packages to men/women.

December 25th: We again took to the streets to provide Christmas Packages to those living on the streets - packages contained personal care items, warm hats, gloves, blankets, and socks, as well as some snack items. 

Thank you for your support and helping us to help those in need of our services. 
Faye Sweeney, President