Mary Alyce Sweeney Foundation -
Mary Alyce Sweeney

Mary Alyce Sweeney lived her life by two simple rules:
       Give back to the community and be a bridge over troubled waters to those in need.  The tragic loss of her daughter (Cyndi Sweeney Brown) during a violent domestic incident sparked her to go on an energetic crusade for women against domestic abuse.  Mary Alyce joined and encouraged her children to join, the Kentucky Voices for Crime Victims (KVCV). She continued working with KVCV until her health failed. 

       Set as an example by her Mother, Nancy Johnson a foster grandmother, and loved by many children.  Mary Alyce provided food, shelter, and advice to dozens.  No hour was too late for the victims of domestic violence, the drug addicted or anyone else needing help, to call her. You were always treated as if you were the most important person in the world, and what ever you confided in Mary Alyce, stayed between the two of you.

    Mary Alyce built a family value, of strong self-sufficient adults, who went on to be community leaders and activists.  Her children, have continued the spirit of giving and making dreams come true by touching the lives of others through community service,  care packages, domestic abuse services, and outreach.

       We need your help to continue these vital services that touch so many. Please take a moment and donate today. Your community service and affluence go a long way in making a difference in the lives of others.