Mary Alyce Sweeney Foundation -
Want to go to Prom, but can’t afford a Dress or Tuxedo? 

If so, please join us to pick out your prom dress 
or receive your certificate for a Tuxedo Rental from
 The Men's Warehouse  
All services provided to you are free of charge
2018 Making Dreams Come True
March 9th and 10th
                                                        • Friday - 3pm until 8pm
                                                    • Saturday - 10am until 5pm

                                       Mary Alyce Sweeney Foundation Inc. 
                                            1800 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd Ste 2C
                                             Louisville, KY 40203
What to Expect:  Young Ladies
  • Girls will be assisted in selecting their attire on a first come, first served basis. A Personal Shopper will be provided to you. 
  • No food or drink is allowed.
  • Please keep a minimum of two persons to assist you in the selection of your dress and accessories.
  • Please keep dress shopping time to a minimum as dressing room space is limited. 
  • Please be courteous and keep cell phone calls and texting down to a minimum.
  • We make every effort to have a wide selection so that every girl is able to select a dress as well as shoes, jewelry and other accessories needed for your big event. Because we rely solely on donations, this is based upon availability.
  • Minor alterations will be provided on site.

What to Expect: Young Men
·      You do not need to pre-register or provide proof of need.
·      Pick up your Gift Certificate to The Men’s Warehouse located at
                    7621 Shelbyville Road (a $50.00 Value toward the rental of your Tuxedo ONLY)
·      Go to The Men’s Warehouse and pick out your rental
**All of the rules and regulations of “The Men’s Warehouse” must be adhered to. 
You are responsible for returning the Tuxedo as outlined in The Men’s Warehouse” agreement. 
This is a $50.00 value, and all costs exceeding the $50.00 value are your responsibility. **
If you would like to donate the dress you receive back to the Mary Alyce Foundation - Making Dreams Come True you can do so by contacting: 
 Nzingha Creations Gallary at