Mary Alyce Sweeney Foundation -

Ms Faye, though I am not in the Louisville Area, you brought dresses all the way to Columbus GA for me to try on.  I finally settled on the black one and with some minor alterations, my dress was perfect.  Thank you so much, My mom was more excited than I was and took a ton of pictures.  Thanks again. Lauren SENIOR 2016

I recently had my prom and i got my dress from you guys!!! and IT WAS A HUGE HIT! everyone was amazed on how beautiful i looked!!! and i remember the day exactly.. one of your staff looked at me and said" I have a dress for YOU" at first i was hesitant but then i tried it on and i felt sooooo beautiful!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for what you do!! you made me feel like the beautiful girl i know i am on my prom day!!! attached are some pictures! THANK YOU!! <3   SENIOR 2016 :)
First off I would like to thank the Mary Alyce Foundation for helping me find the perfect prom dress. It was a nice fit and i felt more beautiful than I have in a long time. With all that has been done for me I will definitely refer the foundation to anyone that is in need of a dress.  Thank You!!  - Senior 2016

Reatha Beckham - Alterations - what can I say that will be enough, you work with the young ladies to personally fit them, when you are not busy fitting the young ladies, you canvas the racks, to see if there are any dresses that need repair.  You are tireless, you have been with us since our first giveaway and regardless of what's going on in your life, personally, you are there for us.  No words can ever express what you do for us and the young ladies you help! 

Shana Topps and Roxanne Hastings - There are no words;  you saw the need and went out and bought beautiful dresses for our full figure young ladies.  What a surprise and a blessing.  You made the Prom Boutique what it is and there are no words that can express your dedication and your support in all that we do.  We love you. 

Taaj Uthman - You are wonderful, thank you for helping to make the space a real home for the Mary Alyce Foundation.  You do it all every year, we love you and thank you.

Hair Salon and Barber Shops 

TeNisha Bishop, TeAndra Bishop  - You never turn us down when we ask for your support.  Thank you for providing gift certificates for the young ladies to have their hair styled.

Kirk White, Rob Edelen, Robert Drake Sr,  Miah Chatmond, and Lamont Streater - This is your first year working with us and we hope that you will continue to partner with us for years to come.

Fred Dickerson- Thank you for canvasing your friends and getting them on board to sponsor a tuxedo. Thank you, when it is time to move you are right there with me. We couldn't do the tuxedos without you and your loyal friends.

Sundiata KB Sheppard- There is not enough love that will express what you do for the Mary Alyce Foundation and how you keep supporting us. Thank you.

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